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Algolynx Business Sphere ®
A Revolutionary Cloud Curation Service Geared toward Food Companies

Algolynx Business Sphere

We collect timely and extensive information relevant to food companies regarding food regulations and policies (domestic and international), products and strategies, the latest food-related research, as well as information from sources specified by the client, and SNS posts to provide a system in which users can share the information within the company.


Collecting and Sharing Food Industry Related Information

News Search, Dashboard

Collect and share various industry-related information such as food regulations and business trends within your company.

Algolynx provides a company-wide framework that allows clients to collect and share information about domestic food regulations and policies, business trends, recalls and accidents, foreign food regulation and industry-leading research development.

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Collection and Analysis of SNS Information

SNS Search

Collect, aggregate, and analyze SNS posts about your brand and products.

Algolynx will collect SNS posts (Twitter tweets) and determine whether the post is a positive or negative one as well as notify any anomalies. Users may also browse the collected data and analyze trending words.

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Risk Management and Market Analysis


Create a database of the most important information source and coordinate with company risk management.

Distributed information will be supplied as “government agency database (regulatory progress)” and “corporate database (competitions' products, campaigns, accidents). The risk management function will manage various food-related risks such as changes in legislation, accidents, and business concerns and shares the information within your company.

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Curation of Overseas Food Regulations

News Search

Algolynx provides information concerning overseas food regulations to support your company's entry into foreign markets.

We provide information on US regulations, CODEX, and GFSI and are preparing to provide information concerning EU and Asian food regulations (Test phase commence in Dec. 2017, official release in spring of 2018).

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